2Badgers is thrilled to welcome the world to our den!

We are a proudly First Nations owned and operated consulting company specializing in Industry/Aboriginal relations. We take great pride in being the advisors of choice for a number of industry proponents who seek assistance with Aboriginal engagement and corporate sustainability strategies. We take seriously our role as responsible stewards of both the lands and communities impacted by industrial projects. As a greater national community we all have an obligation to do right by the land and resources we have been given so that future generations are provided the same opportunities for economic and environmental health and prosperity. We have an obligation to the clients who do business with us, the diverse communities we are a part of, and the environment we all share. This commitment begins with managing our operations responsibly while upholding the highest standards of ethical governance. Corporate sustainability is not a declaration, but rather a multi-dimensional process that involves robust cross-cultural education and the acknowledgment that every action has a reaction, be it positive or negative, which must be weighed and mitigated accordingly.

Our team at 2Badgers is committed to fostering meaningful relationships between the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada and the Industry sector that are founded on transparency, trust, and respect for the individual and community. Successful and enduring corporate relationships are not at all different from private relationships. A genuine and honest understanding of the impacts a decision has on another is at the core of both personal and professional longevity. As my grandmother so wisely put it “You have two ears and one mouth for a reason, use what you have more of.”

Welcome to the Badger’s Den.

Dion Arnouse
President & CEO (Chief Engagement Officer)
2Badgers Consulting Inc.