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As a 100 percent owned and operated Indigenous company, 2Badgers has fostered numerous relationships between Aboriginal communities, businesses, and multinational corporations throughout Canada and the globe. By providing cross-cultural awareness training, we guide the business community through respectful engagement with Indigenous groups by bridging the gap for balanced opportunities on both sides.

This includes helping industries navigate traditional Indigenous protocols and governance while meeting regulatory requirements to avoid costly mistakes and litigation. We pride ourselves on our high values, honesty, and integrity to establish these open and transparent relationships and believe that a strong and consistent connection should be maintained long after a project has reached its final stages.


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2Badgers has years of experience in helping band councils, Indigenous entrepreneurs and community members access project proposals, manage business dealings, and negotiate strategies associated to Impact Benefit Agreements in traditional territories.

We never take our work for granted and understand that each community is different. We make it our mission to guide all interested parties in industry practices so they make well-informed decisions that best meet their interests and that protect cultural and traditional values. Following in the steps of our ancestors and elders, our consultation does not end when the contract is signed. Like them, we believe in long-lasting relationships so that all communities prosper through the generations. A key component of our work is relationship management.


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Engagement is about relationships. That’s why we believe that positive relations between various levels of government–both Indigenous and non-Indigenous–provides direct and ongoing economic and social benefits for Indigenous communities and leads to the decreased likelihood of disputes and conflicts. We believe in supporting band and governmental interests through exceptional negotiations, engagement, facilitation, and consultation. We also believe in bridging cultural gaps and understanding. We put this into practice so that the chain of communication is opened and remains open—providing a meaningful and mutually beneficial relationship that will last over time.


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